About Carolyn Sweeden

As an RN with 25 years experience across the entire lifespan including hospital, hospice, oncology, pediatrics, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), geriatrics and public health nursing, I am qualified to research and analyze medical related cases. With my association with the National Alliance Certified Legal Nurse Consultants (NACLNC), I can locate expert witnesses according to the attorney's needs.

I also have the training and experience to turn complicated healthcare related cases into understandable and compelling narratives that can play a vital role in the sucess of a case. To find out more about how Carolyn can help you with your medical case please visit the How I Can Help page.

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Why do Attorneys Need Certified Legal Nurse Consultants?

As a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant, Carolyn Sweeden and her team are experts on the healthcare system, its inner workings, and it's documentation.

Hiring a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant is a cost effective avenue for interpretting and understanding the terminology and documentation in the healthcare system.